Gearing up for Fall at Renew Life
It is hard to believe how fast the summer has flown. Luckily we have lots of nice weather still to come and the blasting heat will slowly subside.
If you are following along with our social media, we have been working on better ways to sleep and stay asleep. This is a crucial part of your body’s well being so be sure to check out some amazing articles and some guided sleep meditations on our Facebook page.
We are grateful to be able to expand our class schedule for September. With new regulations in place we cannot express the importance of registering online with Schedulicity (link below). We will be running a registered session for 7 weeks (September 14th-October 31st). You will save your spot in class for those 7 weeks. Drop-ins may be available but will be few and far between so we recommend saving your spot ASAP.

We will be EXTREMELY limited on the number of people we can safely fit in the studio so we if you show up without registering for your spot, you will be sent home.
There will be online options available, let us know if you would prefer to participate online.

If you have any questions about registering online please send us an email ASAP so we can assist you through the technical part of it.
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Renew Life Therapies and Yoga Mount Forest, Ontario
We continue to thank everyone for their patience with our new massage protocols and remind you that you can book your appointment online
with ease!
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