How would you like to Evolve in 2021?

I have started reviewing what worked for me in 2020 and what didn’t. In my professional and home life, I have started to make time to reflect. Reviewing what went well and what needs to be left behind.

As we move through our days, weeks, and year it is very easy to just go through the motions, check off the “to do’s” and move through life as if on autopilot.  Do you ever catch yourself thinking or saying "someday" or "one day"?

I have decided that someday is now. In light of what is going on in the world, we can’t put things on hold. We can't keep shoving aside our dreams and desires.

So have you truly considered what the next chapter looks like for you? Is it time that you made yourself a priority? Is it time for you to take the step, in creating more vitality, vibrancy, love and joy in your life?

Maybe you have reached the point in your life where you have a little more time to look after you or maybe you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

Making yourself a priority maybe new to you and you're needing some accountability to evolve your habits. This is not another to do list, it is all about making small consistent 1% changes. 1 degree shifts.  In the past we have set New Year's Resolutions and most of the time these goals go well for the first little bit and then we fall off the wagon and the guilt and shame set in.  What I am proposing is that we approach our new habits like an experiment, approach your challenges with the curiosity of "let's see how this works". Finding out what fits just right, a little like Goldilocks.

I would like to help you create a new chapter of Self Awareness & Self Compassion so that you can Thrive.

Adapting Rituals (routines) into your everyday life.  Taking small daily action steps to Evolve how you nourish your body, mind and soul.  

Consider planning your next chapter with me with a complimentary ½ hour Wellness Consultation

Check in with me to see where you are at and how I can support you in creating your next chapter.

From Jen Sincero’s book You are a Badass Everyday:

“Please do not waste your one and only chance to be the you that is you on planet EARTH, screwing around with the excuses when you have the power to create whatever you desire”