Evolve Your Habits to Reform Your Life

   Creating healthy habits, or as I like to call them daily rituals that we repeat consistently on a daily basis, to reduce dis- ease in the body and to increase our energy. 


       As we grow older our habits should ultimately become smarter. Live and learn, so to speak.  TO UP LEVEL OUR HEALTH WE NEED TO REPEAT SPECIFIC HABITS. We are designed to learn from experience and when we do we make better choices.


So how do we evolve? The key is to get curious, experiment with what works best for you and your unique constitution.  The solution to better health and wellbeing is not one size fits all.  What works for you will be totally different than what works for someone else.


The one year membership:

Creating and refining daily habits so you can THRIVE. This program is an adaptation of Kate Stillman’s Body Thrive and I will be leading you on a transformative  journey.  Our journey together will be about establishing new healthier habits. Taking time to reflect and be curious.  


Let go of judgement or shame, so you can live your best most vibrant life.   


Week 1  Introduction; find your why. Creating Clarity & Purpose

Week 2  Your Daily Dose of Meditation & Stillness; set the stage for your day.

Week 3  Rise Up & Shine; drink your H20 – start your day fresh and filtered

Week 4  Breath Body Practice; pick your poison. Is it Hip Hop, yoga, weights? Just get your blood pumping                               

Week 5  Eat Earlier & Lighter; make it easy, enjoyable = less clean up 

Week 6  Earlier Bedtime; get those 8 wonderful hours of deep zzzz’s

Week 7  Fuel Yourself With Vital Nutrients; lots of plants and colours

Week 8  Heed the Healthier Eating Guidelines; main meals only

Week 9  Self Massage, Self Care/ Creating Healthy Boundaries

Week 10 Come to Your Senses 

Week 11 Live in Ease; release fear, tune in to tune out the distractions


11 months of work with scheduled breaks to really execute the lessons. 

Quarter 1– LEARN IT

Quarter 2– WORK IT

Quarter 3– LIVE IT

Quarter 4– BE IT



This group coaching program will include:

  • 1 hour zoom call per week
  • weekly email 
  • 2 half hour calls per month
  • 2 yoga classes per week in class or via zoom


Price $3500. For your 12 month membership.

Book your complimentary phone consultation to see if this is a fit for you.


info@renewlifeyoga.com  –  (519)323-9295